• Gotta Go My Own Way

WHAT ABOUT US what about everything we’ve been through WHAT ABOUT TRUST you know I never wanted to hurt you WHAT ABUT MEEEE what am I supposed to dooooooooo I gotta leave but I’LL MISS YOU SOOOOOOOOOO IVE GOT TO MOVE ON AND BE WHO I AM why do you have to go I JSUT DONT BELONG HERE I HPOE YOU INDERSTAND i’ll try to understanD WE MIGHT FIND OUT PLACE IN THIS WORLD SOME DAAAY but at least for nowww I WANT YOU TO STAAAAY I GOTTA GO MY OWN WAAAAAAAAAY ive got to move and be who I am WHAT ABUT US I jsut dont bellong here I hope you understand ILL TRY OT UNDERSTAAAAND we might find our place in this world some day but at least for now I gotta go my own waaaaaaay